A Sculptural Symphony: Germaine Richier

GERMAINE RICHIER "La Spirale" 1957
GERMAINE RICHIER at Gallerie Perrotin
“La Spirale” 1957

I am feeling very stressed today – too much to do and a poor-health day.  I almost skipped over, and am so glad I didn’t, this wonderful five minute video from Blouin ArtInfo on a woman sculptor, Germaine Richier, whom I have never heard of.

I urge you to take five minutes from your day and take a look as visuals, music and narration come together in a calming, persuasive and delightful ‘symphony of sculpture’ by Germaine Richier.  From Blouin ArtInfo:

Richier was a seminal postwar figure in Modern Art. She began her career in the studio of Antoine Bourdelle and broke conventions with her darkly-patinated bronze sculptures ranging from figurative pieces to hybrids of humans crossed with animals. These seemingly defiant and startling pieces of torsos, bats, and vegetal organisms earned her international recognition before her untimely death at the age of 57.

“I think they are a complete love poem to humanness,” said Dominique Lévy. “She’s opened the inside and really turns your inside out. That’s where I think only a woman could’ve sculpted these works.”

Give yourself a Friday treat by reading more on the Blouin ArtInfo blog: Sculptural Symphony Of Germaine Richier at Dominique Lévy, Perrotin and watching this lovely video.  I wish I were able to get to New York and see the exhibition but, instead, I will be looking elsewhere for more on Germaine Richier.

Have a happy weekend.

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