World of Interiors Illustrations


In my monthly troll through interiors magazines – I am more invested in this than usual with upcoming home improvements happening – I was engaged by the charming illustrations that accompany these extracts from Alastair McAlpine’s World of a Collector columns, featured in the World Of Interiors (WOI) Magazine April 2014, following his death in January this year.

WOI is not my favourite interiors magazine – it’s just too formulaic these days with too few surprises and little evidence of genuine creativity – but every time I think about cancelling my subscription, they seem to present some aspect of interiors life in a really appealing way, making me think they’re about to get interesting again.

If you like the feature above, pick up a copy of the WOI April issue – in about two weeks it will be replaced by the May edition so catch it while you can.

Any other thoughts for/against WOI as a worthwhile read or suggestions if you have a personal favourite go-to for living style?  My current favourite is Vogue Living (Aussie edition) followed by the US version of Elle Decor.  In UK editions, probably Elle Decoration and Living etc are the two I look forward to most but I always love to look at something new so bring your ideas on …

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