Laura Hunter, sold on Artful Home

Laura Hunter Silk Jacket, $480 on Artful Home
Laura Hunter Silk Jacket, $480 on Artful Home

I’ve never been a huge fan of January Sales – oh, okay, they serve a purpose if there’s something specific you want to buy but, generally, I’m totally shopped out post Christmas.

It’s really only as new seasons’ stock begins to trickle online that my aesthetic sense reawakens and doesn’t that date get earlier and earlier as the sales are shunted forwards to December.  Gotta say that I’m struggling with spring product in January as I prepare for snow and ice.  Who are the crazy peeps actually buying right now?

Having said all that, the clothes I like tend to span all seasons and some of the stunning Shibori wear by Laura Hunter that has recently gone up on the Artful Home website would work pretty much whenever, wherever, if you like her style … and I do.

On her own website, Laura Hunter Shibori, she explains her techniques, showcases some product and lists where to buy.

On the Artful Home website, I loved the two jackets by her that I’ve shown here and much else besides.

For those of us who are plus sized or have ‘differently normal’ bodies, such as wheelchair users and those with dexterity impairments, Artful Home is worth checking out for its’ full range of eclectic designers.  Much of the apparel sold by these designers on Artful Home is forgiving in shape and design and you might just find the exact thing you need.

Do let me know if you like what you see and of any other such hubs doing something similar that are of interest.  Salut.

Laura Hunter Silk Jacket
Laura Hunter Silk Jacket, $520 on Artful Home

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