Xmas Wheelchair on Plus Black Blog

Christmas Joy?


Does anyone manage a smooth run-in to Christmas?

At the beginning of December, I thought I wasn’t doing too badly but since then, from my iMac dying on me – twice – to visits from all and sundry plus scheduling in D’s Christmas activities (how many drinks/lunch/dinner events can a person attend?) and numerous deliveries for drinks, presents and food and trying to have some fun myself, my life has descended into chaos.

Did I even mention decorating the house, trying to get presents wrapped, organising who is going where and when as well as fitting in the usual therapists, carers, household stuff …?  Does anyone actually do any work in the fortnight before?

Hence, my absence from blogging.  Too many commitments.  Not enough time.

i haven’t even finished my Christmas cards and I was trying to do a wheelchair one just because, in my life, wheelchairs are a normal part of daily life.  And, good grief, it’s hard to do a reasonably stylish wheelchair.  Of those I’ve done, the one above is my favourite.  What do you think?

I’m still working at it but time is running short … eek!

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