On Christmas ...
I claim to be festive phobic. However, I know that I escape it to avoid the loss. Part of me found something to love in the awfulness of it all, a series of now-missing someones. Bear this in mind should you find yourself lamenting “having” to spend Christmas with your family: one minute you have to, the next you can’t.

from Hannah Betts, We Should Cherish Christmas, The Times, 21 December 2016

2062 Christmas Decorations

Not enjoying – the nauseatingly commercial – Christmas run-up but do like this short film by Margot Bowman on the Nowness site: Get transported 50 years into the future, where Christmas decor in 2062 seeks to enliven a society devoid of today’s comforts. The ‘Beau-tee’ uses positive energy to infuse our soon-to-be artificial world with […]