Friday Treat: Life Lessons

Life Lessons From Great Thinkers,
Life Lessons From Great Thinkers, The School Of Life

I’m feeling all cerebral today – something I could do with more of in my life, I’m sure.  Vampire novels: no!  Great Thinkers: oh, yes, bring it …

If you’d like to tickle some grey matter – yours or, perhaps, as a ‘gift’ to another – you might do worse than peruse the book selections available from The School Of Life.

Gotta love their Good Ideas For Everyday Life ethos though having someone else tell you what you should be thinking kind of undermines the whole independent thinking … oh, let’s not go there.  Let’s just consider their advice as a gentle shove back towards the tickle-feather lighting up the murky grey …

Life Lessons From Great Thinkers will – definitely – be on my Christmas List … to receive or to give.  I’m not too sure which at the moment.  Would you be thrilled to find this in your stocking on Christmas Day?

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