Xmas Card 2013 Green Dress

Drafts of Xmas (1) …

Yay, it’s Christmas and I’m having huge fun, today, playing with the most fab App for illustrating on your iPad – Procreate.  I’m using a stylus that even I am able to hold … er, that’s with some seriously neurologically deficient fingers (I cannot hold and write with a normal pen).  No need for detail, it’s all about the gist …

Me&D always try and do something different each year and this year, *takes a deep breath*, I’m thinking to unleash my nascent fashion illustration skills upon my small world.  Need to do about 8-10 drafts then D can run his appraising, objective, eye across them.

Heading a bit punk-chic-crimbo with this first draft, I think?  What do you think?


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