Elke Walter, Zaha Hadid Gallery

Elke Walter Costumes
Elke Walter Costume Design

Am sure I won’t be the only one diarising the Elke Walter Pop-Up at the Zaha Hadid Gallery, London, 21-23 November 2013.

If Elke Walter is a name new to you, do go across to her website for more info and here’s a brief glimpse of what she is about:

Elke Walters collections are challenging. Beyond trends and fashion, the creations unfold their gentle magic and puts the woman who wears them, directly in the center of action. Superior clarity and exuberant vitality are dominating, Walter creates femininity in harmony with itself.

“The real luxury lies in the fact that you can obtain something that is not made for the public, but just for you.” EW

A decade acclaimed world-class designs based on a specially developed pattern cut technology, Elke Walter is in her own element. To cut a dramatic artfully pleated dress or a no-frills black statement out of a rectangular piece of fabric, that requires professional clarity – and fabrics in which one wishes to get lost. The designer doesn’t draw, she works on living models or directly on the doll. She experiments, drapes and constructs, always a perfectionist, always courageous. The genius cuts made of high tech fibers from highest quality are reaching women worldwide who want to be successful, feminine and strong. Elke Walters One-Of-A-Kinds, magical pieces with own names and pure fashion essences, are hanging in the wardrobes of many artists, managers and lovers of the unique sovereign extravagance of her creations. depend; fabulous creations with their own name as well as fashionable pure essences, whose shape makes reverent. Elke Walters collections are sold on several continents. Her collections are being sold on many continents.

“I prefer being independent. For me this is the only way to keep my creativity. I have a strong notion not to do what everyone expects me to do.” EW

There are many fabulous images of her work on her site and across the internet, as well as much more on her own ethos and inspirations – respect, as so often, is given to the ground-breaking Miyake muse amongst others.  Search, Enjoy and Be Inspired.

Available from few sources, a full range of her designs will be available during the Zaha Hadid Pop-Up, from Accessories through Essentials to One-Of-A-Kind.  If you are an admirer of her work, as Zaha Hadid is – and how great she looks in the image below, this is a must see opportunity. As for buying, umm, thinking £££, scarves may be the limit of my aspiration.

Elke Walter on Plus Black Blog Elke Walter on Plus Black Blog

Zaha Hadid in Elke Walter on Plus Black Blog

Elke Walter Scarves on Plus Black Blog
Elke Walter Scarves

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