AnOther Inspirational Woman: Angelica Huston

Angelica Huston from AnOther
Angelica Huston via AnOther Magazine

AnOther Magazine have been featuring some of their archived articles in a retrospective celebrating 25 glorious editions … and more to come, I hope.

I picked up on this beautiful photo of Angelica Huston who just seems to get more magnificent as the years roll by. I suspect she has had a little face work done but nothing too dramatic and I love that she seems content to allow the passage of years to settle happily upon her, always, unconventional face and body.

Do click across to read excerpts from the full article which is fabulously titled – Angelica Huston: Dipped In Darkness.  I quote:

There is no one quite like Anjelica Huston. Daughter of John, girlfriend of Jack, muse to innumerable photographers and directors, she has prowled her enigmatic way through fashion and film as though “dipped in darkness” … former flame David Bailey demurred. “Not darkness, mystery,” he said …

Interesting and inspirational: Angelica Huston.

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