N/S FAB DRESS in Navy Carnaby S/S17 Kaliyana at Shonmodern

Kaliyana Artwear from Shon Modern

Browsing the internet, I came across a fabulous range of Canadian artwear from Kaliyana, sold online via Shon Modern.  Love the style, comfort and design plus there’s lots of black.  Yummy.

Kaliyana have also developed a great idea called the Anti Suit which is a deconstructed take on the business suit for office wear, based on three or four mix and match pieces in black and white.  If I were working, I would have snapped this up.  Click on the Anti Suit link to see what it is about – it’s not rocket science but it is neatly done.

Fitting plus sizes up to a US22-24 (UK 24-26), the entire range has an unstructured aesthetic that will appeal to lovers of Miyake, Yamamoto, Eskandar etc. but with a more practical price point and fabric appeal.

Sadly, Shon Modern do not appear to ship to the UK but anywhere across North America seems fine.  I like so much of this range, I may email and see if I am able to persuade them to do a ‘special’ just for me.

Do let me know if you like it and/or know of any other ranges/designers with a similar aesthetic that do ship to the UK.




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