Little Dandelion Throws

Go look at these fabulous throws from Little Dandelion.  Found some for sale on Lu Mu Interiors.  I want.  I want.  I want.  Plus-sized, wheelchair users, lover of style and design – they work for all.  But they’re from Australia/New Zealand.  Never shipped from there before.  Have you?  Do let me know.  Meantime, admire the colour, texture and style …


  1. Spashionista

    I’ve had gifts sent to me from AU and NZ and my Mr has had guitar and effect parts both come in and go to both regions. We don’t have VAT in the US, though so you’d have to sort that out.
    That is a spectacular throw. I’d say it’s worth the risk 😉

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  2. eleanorjanebirdy

    Ship things from New Zealand – we need to exports! Then tell everyone you know about how fabulous the products are! (I’m from New Zealand…)

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