Nostalgic moments: Norman Parkinson

Iman by Norman Parkinson

Watching a documentary on BBC 4 this week, I was transported into my teenage past, reliving my passion for Vogue and the ‘It’ models of my generation, amongst them Jerry Hall, Marie Helvin and the stunningly beautiful Iman (now married to David Bowie).

I remember seeing a photo of Iman in a magazine, off duty, with her husband of the time (a basket ball player, I think), wearing a pair of baggy denim dungarees and a plain white t-shirt and thinking I’d never seen a more beautiful woman … that was until I saw Marie Helvin strolling through a swathe of people with jaws dropped at the impact of her presence in Harrods where I was working at the time, in the late ’70’s.

Amazing looks, all of them, and, though slim, with none of the anorexic angularity of the current generation of models.  I also love that Iman and Jerry Hall, at least, are managing to age beautifully and without apparent, intrusive surgery.

The documentary featured many other marvellous photographs of the stalwarts of Parkinson’s career and presented him as almost Dali-like in his eccentricity and quirkiness.  One of those rare beings able to sustain his creativity across decades, thriving on the changing environments in which to express his photography skills – totally love the African adventures and the wide-eyed enthusiasm of his travels.  Wonderful evocation too of times passing in style, custom and fashion.  Do catch it if you can.  Would love to share remembrances and exchange comments with you on it … More fabulous images below:

Iman and Jerry Hall
Uma Thurman’s mother: Nena von Schlebrügge

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