Brasserie One, London: Access 007 style by @BendyGirl

I digress from personal style today as, having seen it on Youtube, I think the world needs to know about Access 007 Style for wheelchairs users in London.

As cities go, London doesn’t do too badly for universal access even with its’ wonky streets and old buildings however it is far from 100% accessible for wheelchair users in lightweight wheelchairs let alone those in heavy power wheelchairs.

Steep stone steps are particularly hard to traverse unless you don’t mind taking your life in your hands by being carried or negotiating a steep ramp … until now.

Read about Kaliya Franklin(aka Bendy Girl)’s visit to Brasserie One in London on her blog, Benefit Scrounging Scum: Building Better Access 007 Style

Watch the short YouTube video above.

Holy Smokes!  It’s a solution and, really, pretty cool, dontcha think?

Spread the word.  Visit and try it for yourself.  Make this investment worthwhile for Brasserie One and a good thing for others to copy …  Enjoy.

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