Moyuru at Walkers of Pottergate

Take a look at this new Japanese collection, Moyuru, at Walkers of Pottergate:

Moyuru is mainly a loose fitting and flowing collection … so if you prefer your clothes to hug your body, this one isn’t for you… but if you fancy, playful, edgy, and truly inspirational clothing, then do try this amazing new collection. We are thrilled with it!

I love this dress, below.  In the photo, it doesn’t look particularly special but, on, in the video, fabulous.

Moyuru dress, Walkers of Pottergate
Moyuru dress, Walkers of Pottergate

In my wheelchair, dresses don’t work for me but the trousers look fab too.  Lots of easy and forgiving shapes and styles for those of us who are plus size and/or like getting our clothes on/off without struggling … who hasn’t got better things to do than waste time getting dressed!

Although the dress above is rayon (wheelchair user antipathy to non-breathing fabrics), at least some of the collection is cotton too.  If you buy, let me know what you think.

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