Fantastical style from Meadham and Kirchhoff for Spring 2013

Meadham Kirchhoff scarf at Colette
Meadham Kirchhoff scarf at Colette

Browsing Colette Online, I saw this truly fantastic scarf by Meadham Kirchhoff.  Ridiculous price, about £1,400, but I love it to distraction.

Totally unaware of Meadham Kirchhoff up to this point, I clicked across to their site and found their Spring 2013 video running and how zanily wonderful it is.  Haven’t felt so uplifted since the early, pre-disgrace, Galliano days.

Ok, you might not be wearing the entire collection, or going head to foot in it, day in, day out, however you might be inspired to create your own vision and trip the fantastical too …

I’ve posted the video here so do take a few and take a look … you might find the music somewhat … distracting but, hey, you’ve got a volume option, use it or swing over to the Meadham and Kirchhoff site where it is running with a better soundtrack!

Enjoy, let me know what you think.

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