Eileen Fisher for plus size style

Eileen Fisher

I first came across the Eileen Fisher Plus collection many years ago in Saks whilst on holiday in New York.  It was an exceptional range in design and quality for, what was then, a very small niche market.

A couple of decades on, the plus-size market has now exploded in size(!) in every way and Eileen Fisher remains at the quality end of it.  I do find the pricing steep but fabulous fabrics, such as cashmere, silks, linens, along with a fine style aesthetic are such rare commodities in the plus-size world that I am inclined to the occasional purchase … or two.

I also like their company ethos – designated as Eileen Fisher & – which has the stories behind the label on sustainability, people, environment and how the company tries to balance these factors in making responsible business decisions.

Widely available in the States and through online shipping from the major US department stores, there are now a couple of retail outlets in the UK – Marylebone and Covent Garden – as well as an online store that ships to Europe.

Do take a look and let me know what you think of it.

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