Love these felt slippers…

Pia Wallen Baby Slippers
Pia Wallen Baby Slippers

I love these Pia Wallen slippers – sadly, they’re for babies only.  Where are the sites for adult footwear like this?

In common with many mobility-impaired people, I have poor circulation resulting in swollen ankles and feet.

Every morning, I use a Huntleigh compression boot to try and minimise the swelling; I also try and make sure to elevate my legs at night and during physio; I have regular, and intensive, foot massages for lymphatic drainage but, whatever I do, some degree of fluid build-up is inevitable.

This makes shopping for shoes a nightmare.  Not only is it difficult to find shoes that fit but they must be protective; easy to get on and off (carers find it impossible to manage otherwise); in black; and, preferably, not be so ugly that I cannot bear to look at them.

I already mentioned the problems I have had with outdoor footwear, in Made to Measure, but, during the day, I am indoors mostly so wear felt mules, like those from Haflinger but they no longer seem to do them in black. For goodness sake – no black!  I need a replacement and these Pia Wallen slippers would be perfect.  If I can’t do style, I am able to live with quirky.  Anyone seen anything like this for adults?  And where do other people shop for stylish footwear for swollen feet?  Do let me know.

Pia Wallen Slippers


  1. Karen Larke

    Surely someone with a good amount of sewing knowledge could put something like this together? I assume your feet are not weight bearing for any length of time? If not it would be a case of a double thickness sole , & if the top section were to be made of felt, in 2 pieces where the centre white stitching is on the above pics this could be made to have a small stretch panel inserted there which would give you a bit more flexiblity and movement with your swellings? xx

    1. Elle@plusblack

      Yes, I agree but I am housebound so finding someone who is able to house visit is tricky. The one pair of shoes I had made to measure cost over £2k and I am simply dreading to hear the amount they would wish to charge me (as they know my foot size) even for a pair of slippers/mules! They were also, for the amount they charged, alarmingly keen on the V-word. It’s not beyond me to find someone but, oh dear, the effort. I’d just really, really love to get a £60 pair, in black, off the shelf.

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