Magnet fastenings

Many people have dexterity problems, struggling with fastenings to clothes and jewellery.  An otherwise non-life-changing illness may often cause intense aggravation through loss of sensation or muscle strength in fingers, wrist, arms or shoulders which prevents us from dressing ourselves as we would wish.  Sure, we are able to ask for help but how annoying is that on a permanent basis?  Luckily, there are people around – if not enough of them – trying to help us out here.

Ann Oliver at Xeni uses, uniquely(?), magnets in the closings of some of her garments but magnet clasps are to be found in more widespread use on jewellery.

My physio, Farshideh – The Birkdale Clinic – who loves her bangles and necklaces, bought herself a couple of lovely bracelets, from Susan Clarke Jewellery in Richmond, recently with a really elegant magnetic clasp and then showed me a braid choker, a gift she was given, with a similarly effective magnet fastening.  I’d be interested to know of others who use magnets as fastenings or clasps for clothing and accessories.  Do let me know if you see any that are equally as well-designed as those below.

Silver bracelet
Clasp closed
Black Bracelet
Clasp open
Choker - closed
Clasp closed
Choker - open
Clasp open

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