Jo Brocklehurst: Nobodies and Somebodies at The House Of Illustration to 14 May 2017

Jo Brocklehurst: Nobodies and Somebodies

The exhibition of Jo Brocklehurst: Nobodies and Somebodies opens at The House of Illustration this weekend, on until 14 May 2017.

From The House of Illustration website:

Drawing live in fetish clubs, punk squats and on the performance scene of 1970-90s London, Berlin and New York, Jo Brocklehurst’s artwork is a unique record of subculture.

Her figurative paintings from fetish clubs document experiments with sex, androgyny and couture that later inspired the mainstream fashion collections of Jean Paul Gaultier, while her best-known portraits from the 1980s offer a raw, beautiful and female perspective on punk…

Memories, memories. This is the era of my youth.

Starting in soul clubs, dancing on through punk and New Age, my younger years in London were all about clubbing and concerts so, I guess this exhibition is a must-see for me.

Luckily, The House of Illustration appears to be completely wheelchair friendly and, handily, Granary Square, behind King’s Cross, where they are based, is also the site of The Grain Store Restaurant.

The Grain Store is most definitely a place to drop in for eats, should you be there. I went last year, loved it, read my review here.

Hopefully, that’s at least part of my weekend sorted. Hope you have a great weekend too. 💋

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