Print by Veta Gorner, Artist, Printmaker

Veta Gorner, Artist, Printmaker


I’ve been an admirer of Veta Gorner‘s work for a long time and, this afternoon, I clicked across to her site to see some of her newer work which is as evocative, as it always seems to be for me, of the movement of physical form in space.

In her artist statement, Veta Gorner says:

…My recent work is a celebration of life and a reflection upon its highs and lows and tensions in between. It is concerned not only with physical structure but also with the thought and emotion that move us into action. It is also about how the environments we inhabit shape and change us. It is about how a collision of space and form create new animate forms and enhance the borderline energies. It is about life, which is movement.

I am fascinated by the expressive nature of human motion and its dialogue with space. I construct and engineer my forms instead of drawing directly from life and build suggestions of meaning into my compositions and visual provocations.

I love her work and maybe you will too.

If you’re interested, do take a look around the Veta Gorner website, contact the artist or there are works for sale in an online shop: Veta Gorner at very reasonable prices.

When I eventually manage to get my home refurbishments done, I am pretty sure there will be a space to hang some Veta Gorner.

Soon, I hope …

Apollo by Veta Gorner
Apollo by Veta Gorner

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