Sarah Moon for Nars Holiday 2016

Sarah Moon Photography

Sarah Moon is a photographer new to me – speaking to my paucity of knowledge on photography rather than her renown – and I have become an instant admirer.

I saw the beautiful image above as part of the PR campaign launching a beauty product collaboration between her and Francois Nars: Sarah Moon for Nars Holiday 2016.

This led me to a Beauty Gazette article – Sarah Moon for Nars Holiday 2016 – which had a brief bio, info on the collaboration and some more lovely images.

And, then, I Googled. As you do. Which led me to the Michael Hoppen Gallery who represent Sarah Moon in the U.K. They begin their bio of Sarah Moon with:

Ethereal and elegant, Sarah Moon’s photographs are almost abstract in their painterly qualities. Texture, surface, seeing, believing, dreaming; it is difficult to summarise their content without pointing to the evident romantic and melancholic mood that emanates from the work. Moon – who came to prominence in the 1970’s, breaks from the traditions of ‘Fashion Photography’ choosing instead to investigate a world of her own invention without compromise…

Interested? Yes, me too. Do click the links to see more whilst I’m across at Amazon buying some books. Maybe you’ll join me there later.

Sarah Moon: Fashion II, Yoji Yamamoto 1996, courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery
Sarah Moon: Fashion II, Yoji Yamamoto 1996, image courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery

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