Rundholz Autumn 2016/17

New Autumn Rundholz

Noooo, I am one of those sad people who buy winter clothes in JULY!

i can’t help myself (or, rather, I have no will power or self discipline).

The new Rundholz stock appears online and … I buy.

I love the stuff. It’s my crack everyday go-to.

They do lots of black, cotton, oversized things that I want. I’ve just bought my first piece for this year from Walkers of Pottergate (maybe the biggest UK stockist of Rundholz?). I shall probably buy more soon.

Sadly, for me if not my wallet, Rundholz also do clothes that don’t fit me and in fabrics – like wool – that I cannot wear. The gorgeous top above, from Select Mode online – a big German stockist who happily ship – is an example of this. It’s wool which makes me want to cry because it is otherwise perfect and I’d’ve snapped it up in cotton (and, obvs, the black version).

Maybe the stock that doesn’t work for me will suit you better? Just leave me the black, cotton, oversized … oh, you get it, right?

Anyways, if you’re as sad as me (clicking to look for new stock several times a day right now), happy shopping,

Elle from Plus Black and Stiletto Wheels

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