Joe Eula Fashion Illustrator

Fashion Illustrator: Joe Eula

And, this was the reason I read about New York Boobs on The Cut: Gorgeous Sketches of Twiggy, Lauren Bacall and More from the book: Joe Eula: Master of Twentieth Century Fashion Illustration. (NY Boobs drawings were in a sidebar as a ‘you might wanna look at …’ and I did).

On The Cut, they say:

As fashion illustrators go, Joe Eula’s career was fairly eccentric. His talents were wide reaching: He sketched runway shows for Eugenia Sheppard’s column in the New York Herald Tribune; designed concert posters and album covers for Liza Minnelli, Miles Davis, and the Supremes; drew celebrities like Lauren Bacall, Marlene Dietrich, and Marilyn Monroe; and worked as the creative director for Halston for most of the ’70s. But, among those who knew him, he is remembered most vividly for the speed of his hands…

Compared with many of his contemporaries — Eric (Carl Erickson), René Bouché, Antonio Lopez — Eula’s work has hardly been documented; his illustrations are barely mentioned in most surveys of 20th-century fashion illustrators…

I’d certainly not heard of him so naturally, I googled, then went to Amazon and the book now sits in my basket waiting for my Christmas purchases to be completed.  Man, I love Christmas for the new books alone … More, tell me more.

Joe Eula Fashion Illustrator
From Joe Eula: Master of Twentieth-Century Fashion Illustration

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