Niamh Barry Light Sculpture

Niamh Barry Light Sculpture

With our upcoming home building and redecoration project in mind, I am obsessed with lighting.

As is the way of these things, the timing of our building works seems to extend interminably as we keep adding to and changing our wants and needs.  The upshot of the works slippage is that every time I think I know what I want in decor terms, I see something I like more and all the decorative balls get thrown in the air again.

I was pretty certainly set on a Christopher Boots Prometheus III, second image below, as one of the main light features in our new living space but, this week, I happened across Niamh Barry’s beautifully simple light sculptures.

And, I want one. Preferably the one above, Apparent Magnitude II, though it may have a drop that is just a little more than I’d like. Alternatively, something like the Looped design, below, would fit nicely into our interior.

Decisions, decisions, huh? I cannot wait until it is all behind us though I expect we will want to re-do the kitchen next … it just never ends, does it?

Do take a look at Niamh Barry’s website to see more of her stunning light sculptures.

Niamh Barry Light Sculptures
Niamh Barry: Looped 2006
Christopher Boots Prometheus III
Christopher Boots: Prometheus III

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