Oak Burr Platter by Jonathan Leech

Friday treat: Artistic Wood

Isn’t this just the most beautiful Oak Platter by Jonathan Leech?  I’ve been admiring his work for ages now – see more on the Jonathan Leech website – and the few new pieces that he has just posted are gorgeous.  Read this – an extract from his About page:

Jonathan Leech: An artistic woodturner
I have a passion for working with wood, expressing its natural beauty within a contemporary design …

My preferred style is ‘minimalist’, using a simple design which allows the wood to express its own qualities. This often includes natural edges, knot-holes, burrs, spalting, and other naturally-occurring imperfections. Each piece is truly unique …

Click across to read more …

Sadly, I’ve completely failed to gift anyone a piece by him to date, though I have lingered with intent over a serving board or two, priced at a very reasonable c.£110-£150.

I’ve also not yet purchased anything for myself as I’ve been waiting to get my building project out of the way.  However, I keep going back to his website to look longingly … soon, soon …

Take a look for yourself and do let me know if you like: Jonathan Leech Artistic Woodturner

Oak Platter by Jonathin Leech
Inside view of the large oak platter, above, by Jonathan Leech
Yew Bol by Jonathan Leech
Natural Edge Yew Bowl by Jonathan Leech, £145

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