Plus Size Fashion: Cushie-b

Cushib black drape sweater
Black Drape Sweater at Cushie-b

I’m saying a big hello today to – a new online retailer of plus size fashion set up by Val Thompson, a lady of UK origin now based in the US.

From the Cushie-b Company page:

As a young girl growing up in the U.K., Val Thompson dreamed of becoming a costume designer. While studying fashion in college, she discovered her passion for knitwear and became a genuine “knitwit.”

She achieved success working for several high-end designers in New York and while she loved creating beautiful clothing for women, Val found that her personal fashion options were limited. After having three wonderful daughters she began to experience firsthand how frustrating it is as a larger woman to find stylish quality clothing. She was fed up having to trek down into the basement of a store for drab, dreary garments.

Thus she gave birth to one more child, cushie b; a line of luxurious knitwear for bigger women, who like Val, are healthy and confident and entitled to the same high standards and design options as everyone else.

The name comes from the chorus of a folk song from her hometown of Newcastle in northern England:

“She’s a big lass and a bonnie lass and she likes her beer.
And they call her cushie Butterfield and I wish she was here.”

cushie b: timeless, beautiful plus size fashion

At the moment, there is a small range of good quality tops available online, US sizes 1x-3x, ranging from c.$50-$250, with hopefully more to come.

I just feel hugely cheered to see another outlet offering great quality, stylish fashion to plus size women. Yay. It’s exactly the kind of product I’d hoped to see when I set up Plus Black, nearly two years ago now.  Less mass market, more quality and style in classic day-to-day design for plus sizes.

I’ve signed up for news and am wishing Cushie-b every success going forward.

More please, from Cushie-b and any others offering ‘timeless beautiful plus size fashion’.  Do let me know of any similar outlets online that you may have come across.

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