Park Copse by Charles March

Park Copse by Charles March
Park Copse by Charles March

It’s been such a busy day and yet … I was struck by the tranquil wintry stillness of this photo, Park Copse, by Charles March.

Part of the Nature Translated exhibition, read about him and see more of his work via this Evening Standard link from 2012 (the exhibition is in Russia this year according to Bazaar). An extract:

That intimate connection with nature is apparent in March’s passionate descriptions of the trees he works with. The results are original, almost abstract interpretations of subjects he endows with almost animist character. “Library Lawn is an almost mystical image,” he says, “A gorgeous 300-year old Mediterranean Cork Oak brought over in the 18th century by my great grand-father. It’s visible from all the windows facing South and gets the evening sun; there’s a moment when that low golden light makes the whole thing shimmer and light up – not a vertical shimmer, more of a stammer across it.”

In contrast, the spindly trees in High Wood 2 are so overwhelmingly green as to suggest digital manipulation.  “I use a digital camera,” he admits, “But I never photo-shop,” he says firmly, “This is part of an ancient woodland and I’m keen on the natural range of bright greens in the series.” As each photograph is vastly enlarged – some up to nine feet – the colours often merge into abstract designs.

Just beautiful and bringing a little quiet to my mind on this busiest of days.  You like?

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