Esk Cashmere

Isla Cowl Neck by Esk Cashmere
Isla Cowl Neck Sweater by Esk Cashmere, £425

Celebrations over and it’s ‘Hello 2014’.

Jan and Feb are generally the two worst months of the year for me so, no surprise that it’s wet, grey and miserable outside.

All I am wanting to do is snuggle up and get warm, preferably swaddled in soft, stylish cashmere in as many forms as I am able to manage – throws, scarves, hats, gloves, tops, bottoms … I love it all.

The Isla sweater above from ESK Cashmere looks like just the thing and there are many other lovely items to be found on the ESK Cashmere site.  With styling and wrappings that work for many shapes and sizes, there is quite a lot that might work for plus size peeps and wheelchair users – worth a look anyways.

If, like me, you haven’t come across ESK before, here’s a little of their About Us blurb but do go across and take a look at their product for yourselves:

“Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort”
John Ruskin

ESK are creatives backed by a band of artisans and highly skilled local craftspeople with the common purpose of making ESK and ESK Hause the best in its field.

ESK spells a new era in style and luxury knitwear which far outlives seasonal trends. “We make and mill everything in Scotland under the same roof and we source our yarns with care and integrity, trying to use the small but rich seam of spinners in this country and Italy.”

ESK only use natural and noble fibres, with the brands design inspiration gathered by the natural world that surrounds them whether this be the Scottish landscape or the Urban Cityscape.

They aspire to be the knitwear destination for the discerning eye, a best kept secret passed on by friends.

I’ve added some info on a couple of other things I liked and there is more for both men and women as well as a small selection of home accessories.

On pricing, it’s gotta be said that cashmere is never inexpensive when it’s good quality and the only way to assess the quality/price value is to buy and try or get word of mouth.  Anyone reading this bought from ESK Cashmere?  Do let me know what you think.

Agnes Cable Hat by ESK Cashmere
Agnes Cable Hat by ESK Cashmere, £75
Ingrid Ribbed Sweater by ESK Cashmere
Ingrid Ribbed Sweater by ESK Cashmere,£475

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