Veneration Bell at Pwll lleuog by Adam Buick.

Veneration Bell – The Making Of

There is a beautiful video, click on the link, about the making of these veneration bells by Adam Buick. Described using his words:

Veneration Bells
In this piece I made a series of porcelain Veneration Bells and hung them in sea caves around the coast of Pembrokeshire. Once in position the bells were filmed at different states of tide and sound recordings were made of the sea crashing against the cave walls and the bell chiming. Bells are a universal symbol of the sacred. The placing of them is a homage to nature and draws attention to the beauty of the surrounding landscape. First exhibited for the 2013 Jerwood Makers Open as an installation, the work aims to bring the significance of nature back into the gallery.

A strong discourse within Archaeology is the associations between the placing of standing stones and landscape features. This conceptual engagement with archaeology and my engagement in land art has informed my recent work which has involved the placing of ceramic objects within the landscape.

See more of Adam Buick’s works on his eponymous website or more of his short videos on the Adam Buick Vimeo Channel.

Do take a look.  Fab, huh?

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