Inspirational Women: Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling

So refreshing to see Charlotte Rampling in the latest (and last) series of Dexter.  She appears to be ageing without surgical modifications and is looking mighty fine in all her natural glory.  OK, I know it helps a bit to have had her genetically blessed beauty as a base but kudos to her – the pressure on beautiful women in the public eye to undergo ‘procedures’ is huge, coming  not least from their own insecurities, I imagine.

Don’t we all hate looking in the mirror, seeing photos of ourselves, always comparing our ageing looks with our younger self?  How much worse for those with famed beauty to lose or those worrying about losing work based on their appearance especially when this fear is compounded by cruel media commentary.  The temptation to hold on to past glories, to stem the inevitability of time passing must be huge and must be a source of great dissatisfaction and unhappiness, you’d think.

Fabulous to see, in Charlotte Rampling, a confident older woman who looks so damn good … and with that little bit of french style that she always seems to exude too.  I wish this was the normal public profile of an ageing woman rather than the stretched Botox/surgical look that we see so often, don’t you?

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