The Vogue Factor by Kirstie Clements

The Vogue Factor: Fat, thin, who cares?

Have you been reading extracts from The Vogue Factor by Kirstie Clements in the press recently, along with all the media interviews given by the author, an ex-editor of Vogue Australia?

Fascinating stuff in a kind of macabre-do-people-really-live/think-like-this kind of way.

I have watched with some horror over the past several years as women have taken what feels like several backward steps in terms of living life by focussing on, and being the focus of, their appearance to the exclusion of so much else.  I cannot but see this as a negative development which works against the leading of a full and happy life.

Of course, most of us like to feel we look as good as we are able and wouldn’t imagine this might take us to the extreme actions of those in the fashion world to achieve it.  But how harshly women are judged today if they are not slim, pretty and young, and often, the most critically, by other women especially in the media.  Some of the columnist commentary by women on women is unbelievably cruel.  And in all aspects of life, a woman seems to be assessed, from the outset, within a framework of her physical appearance as being a top priority irrespective of almost any other context.  How has this happened to us?

Why do we not laud brains as well as beauty with a reality check as our perspective and ‘live and let live’ as our ethos? Celebrate what is in our head and hearts with generosity and kindness.  Fat, thin, pretty, plain – who cares?


  1. lovelylollipop

    what worries me is that most of the attacks happen within females, it’s not as often when you hear a Lagerfeld bask on Adele, but we do often hear friends, mothers, cousins, co workers bash on other girl’s appearance. So sad.

    1. Elle@plusblack

      I know. It’s so easy to make a flip negative comment & forget the effect it has on those listening & even worse when done by high-profile media commentators in a public forum. Of course, none of us are perfect in thought or deed but it is the overall trend that is concerning and, in particular, the the weight given to the balance between how we look and what we value about ourselves. None of us are impervious to ageing! Better to value our inner selves and be happy than set ourselves up for a lifetime of dissatisfaction fighting a losing battle! Sad that so many seem oblivious to this inevitability …

      Thanks for the interest, Elle

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