Maiko Dawson Shoes

Maiko Dawson Shoes

Fabulous shoes, dontcha’ think?  Bags, belts and purses too.  All from Maiko Dawson whose site I was directed to by a friend who knew I was looking for some bespoke shoes … with some style.

I know.  You’re fed up with me whining on about my swollen feet and the ghastly granny style orthopaedic comfort shoes that seem to be the only off-the-shelf option for non-standard feet but, hell!  Everyone likes funky comfort don’t they?  Swollen feet or no.

I contacted Maiko this week and, busy as she is, she thinks she may be able to help me out.  Woop-de-doo, something to look forward to over this long hot miserable summer.  Maybe I will hit autumn with more style on my wheels … Nice.

Maiko sells online and at various fairs and exhibitions.  Do take a look and let me know if you like as much as I do and, hopefully, I will be showing off my new footwear soon.


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