Ear cuffs – do we like or not like?

Dreams of Norway Ear Cuff

I like earrings.  Maybe I’ve mentioned it before.  Big, bold, junk earrings.  I don’t really do fine jewellery.  And yet, somehow, ear cuffs have eluded me to date.

I’m a bit late to this party but, suddenly, I’m seeing ear cuffs all over the place – like the ones from Dreams of Norway (very nice rings too), above.  They’ve done runway and are stocked by retailers:

Chanel Ear Cuffs 2012

Yet, I look at them and think, “Pretty, but … for real or no?”  And I’m still not sure …

With my neurologically deficient fingers, I do have trouble with jewellery generally and earrings in particular – they’re just so fiddly.  I wonder whether ear cuffs would be easier to get on and off; will they hurt like some clip earrings?  Some ear cuffs have a pierced element so would be no help for the short sighted and numb-fingered amongst us.  Do they even look good or just weird?  Gimmick or for real?  Help me here.  Do we like ear cuffs or not …?  Decisions, decisions …

Boticca Ear Cuffs

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