Just lovin’ Uma Wang

Uma Wang F/W 2012
Uma Wang F/W 2012

There were so many things I was going to write about today and then, I fell in love … with Uma Wang’s collections and the pictures tell the story of her work far better than I ever could.

Uma Wang F/W 2012
Uma Wang F/W 2012

Clearly, she is not a plus size designer but, like a few others, she designs clothes that are forgiving if you are not ultra-slim or a perfect shape.

Uma Wang

Even if the clothes don’t work for you, they are inspirational in design, style and fabric.  I have emailed D with my birthday request from her A/W range – though it will probably have sold out by the time he tries to buy … good for the bank balance if not for my aesthetic yearnings.  Actually, he has a list as long as his arm to choose from since I have been casting my eye about looking for +Black inspiration … who knows what I will end up with? (Nothing, unless you buy it yourself, is the most probable response to that question!)  The only retailers of Uma Wang that I found online quickly were Farfetch and H.Lorenzo.  Does anyone else love UW as much as me?


  1. mimi

    a late reply to this lovely post… but hey you’re not the only one out there, I love her too:-)
    sadly the two websites you mentioned are the only ones I know of that seem to offer lines from this inspiring designer

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