Happy Hearts Bangle from Chopard

Happy Hearts Bangles

I can’t help myself: every time I catch sight of a Happy Hearts Bangle – from Chopard – I’m thinking, ‘ooh, pretty’ … I’m Jones-ing on them like Gollum on that damn ring …

I’ve resisted posting about them for so long because they are expensive baubles and my inner BadGirl-RiRi is demanding multiples …

At c.£2,250-£2,500, that’s a worrying addiction to have but, you know … ‘pretty’, especially this lovely black onyx 🖤 bangle, above:

The Happy Hearts line embraces the heart as a symbolic motif of the Happy Diamonds collection, interpreting it with playful creativity. This timeless bracelet in 18-carat rose gold shines with a pair of elegant hearts: a large heart with onyx at one end and a small heart housing one of Chopard’s celebrated moving diamonds at the other, in a sparkling celebration of love…

How much (£££) do I love myself?

Sigh, probably not enough.

🖤💙💜💚💛❤️ Happy Hearts Bangles, Chopard.

Multiple Happy Hearts Bangles from Chopard
Multiple Happy Hearts Bangles from Chopard

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