Image from 'Moonlight' 2016, Director Barry Jenkins

Dance: Moonlight Homage By Alvin Ailey

I saw the film Moonlight a week or two back and thought it beautiful, well-acted and very moving, though Manchester By The Sea and the incredible acting of Casey Affleck remain my favourite picks for every award going this year, if there’s any justice in this world towards brilliance in film-drama.

However, I wouldn’t be sad if Moonlight picked up a few gongs as well – just not best actor or film please. Moonlight showcased an inspiring, if sad in many ways, story and has inspired a beautiful dance homage by the Alvin Ailey dance company in New York.

I picked this up from the Nowness website: Just Dance: Moonlight x Alvin Ailey

An original dance piece pays homage to director Barry Jenkins’s award-winning drama. 

A new film from director Anna Rose Holmer, known for her 2016 drama The Fits, captures a unique collaboration between New York’s Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and Academy Award-nominated composer Nicholas Britell.
Choreographed by the theater’s artistic director Robert Battle, dancers Jamar Roberts, Christopher Taylor and Jeremy T. Villas play out a blue-lit movement to a euphoric score by Britell, the mind behind the soundtrack of the Golden Globe award-winning drama of the same name.

It’s a stunning piece of dance and just a few minutes long. Give yourself a weekend treat, breathe deeply, watch and enjoy.


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