Easy Style from Eileen Fisher: S/S 2013

I haven’t featured Eileen Fisher this year at all yet but, as ever, their S/S Collection is a beautiful range of the simple-made-easy in stylish product.

I love the fabrics they use and they do a great Plus Size range alongside the regular product.  Brilliant too in the simplicity of their design for those of us in wheelchairs or with dexterity impairments as it’s all so easy to get on/off and no buttons, flaps, extruding pockets to get tangled up in our tricky bits.  Fabulous.

My only gripe is their pricing which seems to average out at about £200 for a regular top.  I know … worth every penny for this kind of quality (and their eco-friendly policies) but uncomfortably close to my ‘itch’ area for worry about rough and tumble of every day use, the robustness of fabulous fabrics and cost per wear issues.

But, the styling in this video … I want!  How about you?

Just had to add an images of my favourite harem pants (I’m so US) below:

Eileen Fisher Harem Pants

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