Inspirational Shoe Design?

Marsell Perforated Slip-ons from Farfetch

No apologies for returning to the subject of shoes for those of us with poor circulation and who might be wheelchair users.  I still have, at the back of my mind, the idea of designing some footwear that will look good and accommodate swollen and/or non-walking feet.

I could do worse than take inspiration from Italian footwear company, Marsell, whose product is sold via a number of independent outlets and is also, more easily, found on Farfetch.  Click on this link to the Marsell Farfetch page and tell me, aren’t these designs some of the most fabulous footwear out there?

Looking at the examples I’ve selected here, with a little judicious adjustment, there is the seed of something that might be creatively applied to the oh-so-unstylish wide footwear market offer, no?  Not a velcro fastening in site …

I, for one, pray for the day.  Are you with me?

Marsell Lace Leather Shoes
Marsell Leather Sandals
Marsell Leather Shoes
Marsell Leather Shoes

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