Neil Kerber: Polly Bean Christmas

Polly Bean. Bliss +Black Style. Enjoy.

I love Polly Bean by Neil Kerber.  She just is so … fun.

I love fashion illustration – have you seen my post on FIG? (It’s just screaming Christmas.  Buy Me.  Buy Me. On every page).

I love fashion – go to Farfetch for the best online way to source great stuff from small retailers worldwide.

I collect Vogue UK – over 35 years of them (yes, I started young).  Polly Bean’s in Vogue.

I love to laugh – especially at the idiosyncratic, self-absorbed and ridiculous (which often means at me!).

For +Black, Polly made me think about Hannah Ensor and her wonderfully funny Stickmen.  When I spoke to Hannah about +Black, I had in mind thoughts on how an ageing stylista (the +Black woman) might cope with illness, adversity and life-change.

I am convinced the +Black woman would never lose her sense of style, her interests or her sense of humour though she might, at times, struggle to maintain them.  We agreed there was much humour to be found in that journey.  Hannah and I will continue to work on our ideas in 2013.  Follow the +Black Illustrated page for more.

To buy, commission or just to look at his work, go to Neil Kerber direct.

Illustration.  Fashion.  Vogue.  Laughter.  Polly Bean.  Bliss +Black Style.  Enjoy.

Neil Kerber: Polly Bean In St Laurent
Neil Kerber: Polly Bean In St Laurent

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