Maxi Muffler

So, it’s the hottest day of the year pretty much, time to roll out the winter woollies, no? I’m thinking this Maxi Muffler by Wool and the Gang might be just the thing in wheelchair, or not, chic come the autumn? £120 to buy or £70 for a do-it-yourself knit-kit from a fun site for […]


Inspirational Women: Pat Douthwaite

I have been reading today about Scottish artist Pat Douthwaite, 1939-2002, some of whose artwork you see here, above and below. There is a full obituary on her in The Herald, Scotland (extracts below) and much more informaton available from a quick internet search. [Douglas Hall described Pat Douthwaite as] ”a modern representative of the peintres maudits, [one of the] unfortunate […]