Stranger Than Fiction: Joan Fontcuberta

X-ray Solenoglypha Polipodida, Joan Fontcuberta and Pere Formiguera
X-ray Solenoglypha Polipodida from the Fauna series by Joan Fontcuberta and Pere Formiguera

Okay, this is not my usual thing but I am fascinated and intrigued by the photography of Joan Fontcuberta whose work is being shown at The Science Museum, London, from 23 July 2014 to 9 November 2014 – Joan Fontcuberta: Stranger Than Fiction.  They say:

Discover the incredible fictions of Joan Fontcuberta in his first major UK exhibition, featuring six documentary narratives that mix fact with fiction and science with art.

Using the visual languages of journalism, advertising, museum displays and scientific journals, these convincing yet subversive and deadpan works are an investigation into photography’s authority and our inclination to believe what we see.

“Photography is a tool to negotiate our idea of reality. Thus it is the responsibility of photographers to not contribute with anaesthetic images but rather to provide images that shake consciousness.” – Joan Fontcuberta

Exhibition highlights include astonishing photographs of mermaid fossils, incredible reports of mysterious fauna and eye-opening photographs of rare plant species.

Amazing images.  I may just find time to pop in and take a look when I visit the Horst: Photographer of Style at the V&A (the Science Museum is on Exhibition Road, round the corner from the V&A).

"Cercopithecus icarocornu", 1987 © Joan Fontcuberta & Pere Formiguera
Fauna series: (series created together with Pere Formiguera) “Cercopithecus icarocornu”, 1987 © Joan Fontcuberta & Pere Formiguera

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