Savage Beauty, London 2015

Gold Feathers, Alexander McQueen A/W 2010

Yes, this is totally crazy but I have just bought tickets to see Savage Beauty at the V&A in March 2015.  Booking frenzy gone mad, no?

I loathe planning so far ahead and there are always very real doubts that, health wise, I will be able to make it – I usually think a couple of months is tempting fate! – but I do want to see it after reading the reviews this exhibition got in New York.  The V&A blurb says:

“London’s where I was brought up. It’s where my heart is and where I get my inspiration.”
– Alexander McQueen, January 2000

The V&A is delighted to announce that it will present Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty in London in spring 2015. The first and largest retrospective of the late designer’s work to be presented in Europe, the exhibition will showcase McQueen’s visionary body of work. Spanning his 1992 MA graduate collection to his unfinished A/W 2010 collection, McQueen’s designs will be presented with the dramatic staging and sense of spectacle synonymous with his runway shows.

The original version of Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York in 2011 was organised by the Costume Institute and became one of the Museum’s top 10 most visited exhibitions.

Oh, gods, reading that, it’s going to be so busy isn’t it?  And the V&A have a horrible habit of tight spacing their exhibitions but what the heck … I’ve picked an obscure time and will just hope for the best.  Tell me it’s going to be worth the wait … anyone who’s seen it …?

At least I have plenty of time to peruse, at my leisure, the MOMA book of the exhibition: Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty which currently languishes amongst the vast pile of thus-far-unread books on a creaking shelf in my study.

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