Marco Zanini for Schiaparelli,

Marco Zanni At Schiaparelli

Vanessa Friedman in the FT, Marco Zanini’s Schiaparelli couture debut: not so shocking, may have been underwhelmed but I’m feeling instant passion for this fabulous afro/stripe concoction, above.

For anyone who thinks it looks like a sack or is not an advocate of shapeless for plus sizes (get out of here if you’ve ever uttered the words ‘it’s like a sack…’), I have this to say to you: Abstract Art, darlings.

That’s what it is all about.  It is the heart of my message for those of us on wheels too.

No fuss.  No frills.  Distil to the essential simplicity of shape and wear with pride whether you be a box, triangle, rectangle, square, spiral or pyramid.  Make it interesting. With colour and pattern if you wish.  Just Live It.  Wild and in style.  Are you with me?

Elle Illustrations: Schiaparelli 2014
Elle Illustrations: Schiaparelli 2014

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