In the news: Giles exclusive for Matches

Giles for Matches
2012 Giles for Matches

Having just thought of Giles yesterday, on scarves, I later saw news about his exclusive range for Matches.  Weird how that happens, isn’t it?  Think of a name, mention it, see more on it … must be some sort of subliminal memory awareness jog …

Although I like Matches in general –  a very nice online presence – in honesty, I spend more time on Matches Menswear than on the Womenswear product because they sell a lot of designers that D likes which makes it a great place for his presents.

Their Womenswear inclines more to the busy, chi-chi, professional woman who is not plus sized – about a million miles from the current realities of my life – but occasionally there will be something I might buy in accessories or jewellery.

D & I knew Matches from my pre-wheelchair days when we would frequently pop across to Wimbledon Village for a late breakfast and to amble about the Village shops.  From then to now, Matches continue to sell great quality and design for grown-ups with a keen eye on what’s new and trending.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

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